Regular Samparka of Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture in Deori villages of Assam are still underway. A seminar review baithak was held on 27th November 2022 which was due reporting to our esteemed readers. The venue of the seminar was fixed to Bordeori Gaon, Narayanpur, Lakhimpur district. 16 papers will be received. The review committee of Deori Sahitya Sabha will meet in Dibrugarh or Lakhimpur for review of papers.


The three-day mela commenced from 19th of January, 2023 where different communities like Khasi and Jaintia from Meghalaya, Tiwas from Karbi Anglong come down and gather in the bank of the Jon Beel to participate in the historic barter system and strengthen the economic relationship.  The term Jonbeel is an Assamese term, ‘Jon’ means ‘moon’ and ‘Beel’ means ‘wetland’ which means the large natural water body is shaped like a crescent moon.

Study on Tagin Community

Tagin is one of the members of the larger destination of Tani tribes. Known for their warm hospitality and friendly nature, the community mostly inhabits in the Upper Subansiri district of Arunachal Pradesh. The study on Tagin community is undertaken by VKIC Research Associate (RA) Ku. Barnali Chakraborty. She visited Arunachal Pradesh for research purpose on the Tagin Community.

Book Summary on Tradition System of the Dimasa

“The Traditional Systems of the Dimasa” is a monograph on the Dimasa community in the Dima Hasao district of Assam compiled out of the papers presented in the seminar held at Maibang, Dima Hasao erstwhile North Cachar Hills on the theme ‘Traditional Systems: Change and Continuity’. This book can be considered as an exquisite exploration into the history and life of the Dimasa. The book provides valuable insight into various aspects of the community viz. their village organization, origin and history, domestic and social life, religious life, folklores, traditional healing systems, marriage systems, festivals etc.