Interview with Shri Kakchingtabam Brajamani Sharma

Shri Kakchingtabam Brajamani Sharma is a librarian by profession, renowned columnist, author, sincere practitioner of Yoga and an activist to protect the rituals and traditions of the Meitei, the Kabui and other Janajati communities. His discourses especially on Bhagavattam and Geeta have been well received by all section sand age groups in the society. As a translator, Shri Kakchingtabam Brajamani Sharma contributed in translating many books including Srimad Bhagavad Geeta and Srimad Bhagavatta Mahapurana.

The discussion included various aspects like, Shri Kakchingtabam Brajamani Sharma ji’s life changing experience, traditional scripts, conversion, traditional institutions like Pena, festival like Lai Haraoba, traditional attires.

Shri Kakchingtabam Brajamani Sharmaji vividly described about his experience of attaining Paramatma. After gaining consciousness, he realised Radha is not a lady but an individual soul and Krishna is not a lad, it is the Paramatma. It is the play of Jeeva and Atma.

The discussion highlighted the history of Rassleela and the costume worn during the performance. Shri Kakchingtabam Brajamani Sharmaji said, “Rassleela is not a dance of entertainment but is a dance of interpreting spiritualism through humans.” The performers during the Rassleela wear Potloi or Polloi covering the whole body as the performers surrendering themselves to the divinity. The same Potloi is also worn by the bride during the marriage signifying the surrendering of the bride to the sacred institution of marriage and the bride is looked upon by all with great respect.

He further added that, Manipur is geographically divided into two distinct parts, the hills and the valley. The valley comprises of one-third of the area and the two-third is in the hills which is a converted population. The Kabui population in the hills are working towards the preservation and protection of the community by translating the Geeta into Kabui language and also trying to understand the effects of the astronomy in one’s life.

Manipur being a small state, have around thirty-six community living in harmony. The communities in the Hills like, Mao, Kabui, Zeliangrong, Anal, Tangkhul etc. are being converted to Christianity for more than a decade and with every passing generation, the community is moving away from its roots. There are various organisations who are working towards the revival of the traditional practices like Janajati Kalyan Ashram, Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangha, etc.

He said that though there are various ancient and great civilizations in the world, there are hardly any interpretations like the Sanatan Dharma. Even though this civilization has confronted many atrocities, is still standing strong. Spiritually oriented, Sri Brajamani ji considers everyone as equal and devotes his time and energy to provide training and educate the youths about the philosophy of the Sanatan Dharma with the motto of generating good and healthy citizens.