The Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture VKIC organise a meeting with  several eminent personalities and academicians at Itanagar on 25th October, 2015. It initiated the process of step forward in the direction of VKIC Arunachal Pradesh chapter.
The meeting started with mangalacharanam. Dr. Joram Begi speaking on the occasion welcomes everybody present there. He said that the Janmasathi Parva of  Ma Eknathji Ranade is going on and in this connection several programmes are being organised. He said that the main motive of VKIC is to study the traditional systems and the commonalities present in these systemamong various indigenous communities living in different parts of North East   India. He further added that Arunachal Pradesh is strategically very important part of India and therefore it must be more and more explored. Dr Begi said that it is necessary to study the cultural oneness among the different tribes of Arunachal Pradesh and the main land India and VKIC is doing a lot in this area.
VKIC is working in every state of NEI and Arunachal Pradesh is given the prime importance and that is the reason behind starting the VKIC chapter in Arunachal Pradesh. Several seminars were organised by VKIC among different communities such as Monpa, Galo, Apatani etc. To carry that momentum forward this meeting is being organised today. VKIC has got immense potentiality in reviving the lost traditional identity of the communities living in Arunachal Pradesh. It must be a collective effort in a forum and VKIC is such a forum which must be fully utilised. A person is needed to coordinate all these to make it a success. The indigenous faith and traditions are facing great danger and VKIC must do research and documentations to preserve them.

It was decided that a meeting cum interaction on the topic Birth system  among different tribes will held on 14th November at Itanagar.